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Ferro Sulphur (S 45-48%) China
  • Ferro Sulphur (S 45-48%) China

    Ferro Sulphur is a natural alloy composed of iron and sulphur.

    Ferro Sulphur is used in metallurgy to give the steel or alloy the desired sulphur content. It is used in:
    1.The manufacturing of cast iron: When melted in foundries, the level of residual sulphur is reduced, primarily due to the use of scrap steel and low sulphur content. It has been determined that melting does not respond easily to inoculants if the sulphur level is less than 0.04%. Therefore, it is necessary to raise the sulphur content using Ferro Sulphur to maintain the level in a range from 0.05%-0.12%.
    2.The manufacturing of alloyed steels: Used as a suitable and economical resulphurizing agent to prevent hydrogen embrittlement and to maintain minimum sulphur content of no less than 0.015%.
    3.Cutting steel manufacturing: It is used as a resulphurizing agent in the manufacture of this type of steel because it increases machinability.
    4.Electric furnaces: It has a positive effect, maintaining sulphur content around 0.15% since it enhances the nodular iron formation.

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