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Company Profile 


Million Link (China) Investment Ltd. was registered in Hong Kong on April 28, 1999.

Commercial Registration Number: 30065604-000-04-01-8
Business License Number: 673680

Million Link (China) Investment Ltd. is an International Trading company that trades in raw and auxiliary materials for the metallurgical industry. 

Million Link implements the "customized demand, global resource procurement" trading strategy.

Our Strategic Goals

Our Strategic goal is to provide enterprises with a continuous supply of raw and auxiliary materials for the metallurgical industry. 

Materials are sourced from mining and mineral processing, metal purification and smelting, steel and alloy manufacturing. 

We have become a major supplier, sourcing globally for the metallurgical industry supply chain.

Our Mission 


To continue to grow Corporate profits and Employee benefits.
To continue to improve our Risk control.
To promote Environmentally sustainable growth.

Our Values

We are constantly looking for new resources, new methods, new technologies, new supplies, new logistics combinations, and new financing combinations to meet our customers' increasing demand for quality and cost reduction.

We seek to create value for upstream and downstream enterprises by shortening the supply chain. 

We strive to total cost savings through trade innovation and global resource integration.

By integrating our upstream manufacturers'  raw material  and downstream user's finished products, the manufacturer's raw material procurement costs are comprehensively reduced and the sales channels of finished products are broadened, thereby enhance the competitiveness of our partner manufacturers.

Our Management Goals

We use ISO 9001:2015 as our Quality Management Standard to continuously improve the quality of our management and quality control.

We manage information flow with modern information technology such as our custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to achieve an orderly and high-speed flow of logistics, capital flow, demand flow, and program flow, in order to achieve corporate goals.

Using the balanced scorecard as a tool for the company to improve our level of strategy implementation and a measurement method to improve organizational performance.

With regards to the company's articles of association as the company's supreme law, the establishment, implementation and improvement of the company's legal system should be improved on the basis of the company's registration place, product marketing place, and international currency system.

Our on-time payment and flexible payment solutions make us a reliable and flexible partner to work with.

We will always consider customer satisfaction as our ultimate goal, and are always looking to take our customer service to the next level.

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