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Team of Management & Support


Hill Summer


Hill Summer co-founded Million Link Shipping Ltd. in 1992 with Liping Wang, then co-founded Million Link ( China ) Investment Ltd. in 1999 as the holding company of Million Link companies. Being working in international trade for supplying steel and chemical industries, he has comprehensive knowledge and managerial practices in international trade, customer relationship, risk management, ISO quality system, cross border logistics solutions, metallurgy, material supply chain, and mining investment.

Hill Summer holds a degree in law from Law School, Jilin University,  specialized in international law. Taught in Hubei province from 1986 to 1988.


Liping Wang

Founder & Director 

​Liping Wang co-founded Million Link Shipping Ltd in 1992 with Hill Summer, then co-founded Million Link ( China ) Investment Ltd in 1999 as the management company of Million Link companies.

Liping Wang holds a degree in IMBA from Tsinghua University. She is a member of the Jilin branch of the Chinese Writers Association and used to be a newspaper editor and journalist.


Helen Wang

Human Resources Director

Helen Wang joined Million Link Group in 1992. She is the human resources director of Million Link (China) Investment Ltd, the general manager of Tianjin Million Link International Transportation Co., Ltd., and the chairman of Million Link (Tianjin) International Trade Co., Ltd.


Helem holds a degree in MIA EMBA from Tsinghua University. She has extensive experience in international logistics, international trade, customer relationship management, and human resources management.

Sunny Wang

Director & CFO

​Sunny joined Million Link Group in 1999, took positions of Bills and Logistics manager, financial manager, currently executive director and CFO of the group companies. 

Sunny holds a degree from Tiangong University.


Swellow Li

Management Chief of ISO9001:2015

Swellow joined Million Link Group In 2003. In 2005, she joined Tianjin Million Link International Transportation Co., Ltd., where she serves as a logistics director and deputy general manager. In 2019, she became the chief of the ISO quality system.

Swellow has long been committed to the practice and management of import and export logistics chain, familiar with international logistics and warehousing, trade practice, finance, insurance, and other related industries. She has comprehensive sea transportation experience of bulk cargo and container shipping, and rich professional experience in multi-modal transportation by sea, land, and air.


Carlos David Ruiz Guerrero

CEO - Peru

Carlos Ruiz joined Million Link in July of 2022, when he founded Million Link Peru S.A.C along with Mr Gang Xia, and Mr Cesar Hernandez Sanabria. 

Carolos will focus on the procurement of Iron Ore, Anthracite, Copper Concentrate, and Antimony in Peru, and will serve as a regional liaison to provide expertise and services to our customers and suppliers in other Latin American countries.


Edmond Tang

Bills & Capital Chief 

Edmond joined the Million Link group in 2018, serves as the director of bills and capital department.

After spending more than 30 years working in the international settlement business and management of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, Edmond has extensive experience in international trade documents and risk control.


Konrad Steinmuller

Trade Coordinator

Konrad joined the Million Link Group in 2018, after spending 7 years working as a Manager in Advertising and F&B businesses in Tianjin, China.

Prior to coming to China, Konrad worked as a lead developer for Primus Telecom in their e-commerce department before starting AUOS, an IT and Software Development business based in Melbourne. He has very capable skills in Business IT, Software Development, Marketing, and Digital Content Generation. 


Konrad holds a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Melbourne.


Neha Gambhir

Chair of Strategy and Budget for Trading

Neha Gambhir joined Million Link India at 2003 as trade secretary, trader, general manager.

Graduated from business school, Delhi University, honored Bachelor of Art. Intern at credit card department of Standard and Chartered Bank, New Delhi.


Vaibhav Mahajan

Legal Officer

Managing Attorney of Mahajan & Mahajan, a New Delhi based boutique Litigation and Corporate Law Firm. Member of Supreme Court Bar Association, National Company Law Tribunal & Appellate Tribunal, Delhi High Court Bar Association, having expertise in handling complex legal problems and their effective solutions.

Office W - 31, LGF, Greater Kailash - 1, New Delhi - 110048. India


Zhu Binghong

Chief Information Officer

The Managing Director of Worthsoft E-Commerce Company, Mr Zhu is a Senior Programmer and a Serial Entrepreneur. After graduation he worked in a Research Institute under the Ministry of Communications for 10 years, and then founded Worthsoft, turning it into a nation  wide high tech enterprise. In 2019 he accepted the commission of Million Link to lead the team responsible for development and maintenance of the Billionlink IT System.


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