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Ferro Boron (B 18-24%) China
  • Ferro Boron (B 18-24%) China

    Ferro Boron is an alloy of iron and boron with boron content of 17.5% ~20% generally.

    1.To improve the hardenability of C-Mn and low alloy steels.
    2.Used in the Improvement of steel and nitrogen scavenging.
    3.As low loss materials for NdFeB magnets.
    4.Used in the production of low carbon cold working wire rod.
    5.Used in the production of automotive sheet steels.
    6.Incorporation into amorphous metal materials for transformer cores.
    7.Used in hot spray painting.
    8.Improvement of the hardenability of low alloyed steels.
    9.Used in the boration surface treatment of steels.
    10.Used in the reduction of nitrogen.
    11.Used in the manufacturing of metallic glass.

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