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Calcium Silicon Cored Wire
  • Calcium Silicon Cored Wire

    Cored wires consist of a metallic outer sheath, filled with flux or metal powder. The use of cored wire electrodes is increasing in parallel with the introduction of new types of wire.


    • On Pallets
    • Horizontal coils in steel cages
    • Plastic Shrink Wrapped & Labeled

    Origin: China

    Parameters Value
    Calcium (Ca) 30.0 - 35.0%
    Silicon (Si) 55.0 - 65.0%
    Phosphorus (P) 0.10% max
    Sulphur (S) 0.20% max
    Carbon (C) 2.50% max
    Wire Size 10 - 13 mm
    Outside Diameter 1100 mm


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