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Million Link (China) Investment Ltd.
Phone : 00852-28158007
Fax: 00852-28158377
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Million Link (China) Investment Ltd.
is a professional international trading company
highly specializing in Ferro-alloys, Foundry, Minerals, Iron and Steel, Non-ferrous trading
and investment.
Over the past 10 years , we are well known in the world market as
international trader by advanced management theory, quality and customer first practice.

Marketing Structure:
(Hong Kong- China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Egypt, Pakistan,
Canada, Viet Nam and USA)
With vast and sufficient network, integrated and systematic
quality control, together, we are one of the most diverse trading groups aiming at turning
bright ideas into workable supply solutions. With centralized financial and system support,
each of our local office operates independently and efficiently to meet our customers needs
and demands.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System
has been the fundamental of our global
management since we were certified by ISO in 2004. With two decades of passion and
industrial experience,Million Link is taking on the markets' biggest challenges in new and
innovative ways, from using strict supplier evaluation system and process control, to
maintaining appropriate amount of stock, and ever improving customer services.

Group Culture
Within the Group, we view Million Link as a dynamic College of
International Business and Law. We consider our contracts and managerial documents
as paramount laws which all parties involved should follow. We encourage individual
development as well as unified group culture. We create a unique business model that
improves the stability of both quality and supply. We help our clients grow their business
by sharing our experience and using of technology.

We offer competitive prices which aim at maximizing mutual benefits. We also give back
to our communities constantly.Over the past 18 years, Million Link has been recognized
as an innovative business designer and a trustable worldwide supplier.If you are looking
for a unique perspective on resources supply, we are the one.

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