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We proudly declare that Million Link (China) Investment Ltd. shares 15% C.I.C.M HZ which is second largest manganese ore miner in Gabon.See the mining introduction

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Bembe′ le′ Manganese Mine
Company name:Compagnie Industrielle et Commerciale Des Mines de HuaZhou
Address:Immeuble Wenzhou(côté CEKADO),Quartier Kalikak,Bas de Gué Gué,Libreville,Gabon
Post Code:BP 9967
Bembe′ le′ Manganese Mine and its processing facilities are under development and located approximately 32 kilometers north of Ndjole town in the Moyen-Ogooue Province of Gabon, which is in the central west area of Gabon.The mine area has a typical equatorial rainforest climate with an average temperature of 26 degree centigrade and an annual precipitation between 160 centimeters and 300 centimeters. The mine area is mountainous and located in virgin forests.The regional geology of Bembe′ le′ Manganese Mine is a simple folding structure, having a gently wavy monocline dipping south-easterly. The mineral deposit consists of mainly manganese oxide ores. SRK is of the opinion that the strata, structure and ore bodies of Bembe′ le′ Manganese Mine had been relatively well investigated with feasibility study already carried out. SRK Consulting has inspected the open pits which show exposure of the ore bodies at Bembe′ le′ Manganese Mine and reviewed the methods used. SRK has reviewed and updated the resources/reserve estimation at Bembe′ le′ Manganese Mine in compliance with the relevant standards under the JORC Code. As of December 31, 2011, the manganese ore reserves under the JORC Code at Bembe′ le′ Manganese Mine were approximately 18.26 Mt of manganese oxide ore at an average manganese grade of 31.58%. At year 2018, about 800,000mt manganese ore had been mined and 690,000mt had exported respectively.
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